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Coastweek -- [LEFT] Dr. Mwaleso Kishindo, Chief of Health, County Kwale is observing the use of microscope by Mwanda Medical Lab Technician. [RIGHT] The training of Kombo Mwarimo, Mwanda Medical Lab Technician is supervised by Ms. Caroline Nyaga, Laboratory Technologist at the Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa.
Coast Frontline For Quality Healthcare At Rural Dispensary Level
Coastweek -- This past September 2015, at a ceremony held at Mwanda Dispensary, sub-county Kinango, Dr. Athuman N Chiguzo stated, “a simple microscope can make a big difference in improving the quality of service delivery at rural dispensary level.”

Dr. Chiguzo knows first-hand the impact a microscope can make in detecting anomalies through analysis of specimens which lead to more accurate diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Throughout his years in rural and community health, Dr. Chiguzo has been on the frontline of healthcare initiatives in under-resourced areas, where the smallest things can make a big difference.

Now, as a member of the Executive Committee of Kwale County responsible for Medical and Public Health Services, he shares his knowledge and insights to contribute to more improvements in healthcare.

During the ceremony, Dr. Chiguzo handed over a new microscope - donated by an anonymous well-wisher - to the Deputy Chairperson of the Mwanda Dispensary Health Committee Mrs. Fatuma Karumbi. Mwanda dispensary, which is managed by Nurse Incharge Ms. Joyce Kinamah, is one of the 20 dispensaries that serve as a ‘first level contact health facility’; this and other dispensaries have been supported by the Aga Khan University’s Department of Community Health based in Mombasa, Kenya.

  Microscope handed over to Mwanda Dispensary Health Committee | Coastweek
  Coastweek -- Microscope handed over by Dr. Athuman Chiguzo [second left] to the Deputy Chairperson of the Mwanda Dispensary Health Committee Mrs. Fatuma Karumbi and Mwanda Medical Lab Technician Kombo Mwarimo [left].

In this vein, the Medical Laboratory Technician of Mwanda Dispensary was provided with three days of intensive orientation and skills training on the effective use of the microscope at the laboratory of Aga Khan Hospital, Mombasa.

The primary goal in supporting these health facilities is to establish and sustain Community Units, which are served by trained community health workers (CHWs).

More specifically, the CHWs are trained to deliver community-based health care for the benefit of improving access and quality of health services for pregnant mothers and children less than 5 years of age.

This project - popularly known as Mama Na Mtoto (MNM) - was sponsored by the European Union and co-funded by Aga Khan Foundation/UK; it is now completing its second phase by the end of December 2015.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Amyn Lakhani, Director of the Department of Community Health, thanked the government health officials including Dr. Mwaleso Kishindo, Chief of Health, Kwale County and Dr. Judith Gitau, Sub-County Medical Officer, Kinango, for supporting MNM project for the last 7 years in Kwale County.

Dr. Lakhani also thanked members of the dispensary committee and local CHWs whose daily efforts made the MNM project a success.

In closing, Dr. Lakhani mentioned the start of a new health systems development project for the sub-county of Kaloleni to begin in 2016.

The project, which is sponsored by the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development and the Aga Khan Foundation, Canada, will be implemented by the Aga Khan Health Service, Aga Khan University, and the Aga Khan Foundation.

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