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Ganesa writing the Mahabharat, dictated by Vyasa | Coastweek

Ganesa writing the Mahabharat, dictated by Vyasa. Indian, Rajasthani 17th century. Page from an illustrated manuscript of the Mahabharata. Opaque watercolor and gold on paper. Object Place, Mewar, Rajasthan, Northern India. WIKIPEDIA PHOTO


High time that pathbreakers are given their rightful place in history

NEW DELHI -- History is always written by the conquerors, writes Swami Anand Kul Bhushan Kulive Kulove Kulaugh.

So when a nation is conquered, its past has to be revised and adjusted to suit the present.

So most conquered countries, even continents - have suffered this humiliation.

Take Africa, known to Europeans as the Dark Continent.


Because they did not know much about it, except for the northern coast.

Searching for a spice route, Vasco da Gama went round the Cape of Good Hope and was guided by an Indian sailor to India in 1492.

But it was not until 19 century that European explorers began to ‘discover’ Sub Saharan Africa.

These tough men, with scores of African footmen, ‘discovered’ the highest mountain (the Kilimanjaro), the biggest falls (naming them Victoria!) and the source of the Nile (in Uganda), among other landmarks.

However, the Africans protested.

Why, these landmarks were always there and they knew them all along.

No, the civilised world has discovered them now and so it is.

Then the Europeans sat down in Berlin in 1884-1885 and divided Africa between England, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal and others.

Just like sharing slices of a cake.

India has suffered even more.

  Indian Mutiny or War of Independence 1857 | Coastweek

Mutiny or War of Independence: The 1857 uprising against the British rule in India is renamed as the first struggle for freedom by Indian historians unlike the mutiny tag by the British.

British explorer Sir Richard Burton | Coastweek

Burton: A British explorer, Sir Richard Burton, travels through African Savannah with a huge retinue of footmen and supplies to 'discover' African landmarks which were very much known to the indigenous peoples.


For a start, western historians have estimated the beginning of ancient Indians civilization between 1,500 and 1,000 years before Christ.

Never mind if the Indians say that the greatest battle ever, the Mahabharata, was fought 5,000 years ago.

The west knows better.

Then Muslim rule was established at the beginning of 13 century and so earlier empires and their achievements and glories began to fade and history was written by Muslim scholars.

Finally, the British took over this vast Indian sub-continent.

To govern it, they had to wipe out its glorious past, its culture and education system and impose the Imperial System.

Osho says: "Your whole history is bunk ... I mean the whole human history is bunk, because it is written by people who were victorious; it is all false.

"For example, in India, Britain ruled for 300 years and they were the writers of history.

"And whatsoever they wrote was wrong.

"They were not writing about the reality, the facts.

"To them, the Indian Revolution (1857) was only a mutiny; it was not revolution.

"Revolution has respectability about it; mutiny is something ugly to be crushed.

"The moment India became independent, they re-wrote the history — they changed those 300 years."

Now that India is ruled by leaders who grew up and were educated in India, and not Britain, a new wave has started to look into ancient Indian history based on ancient texts and the latest scientific analysis of artifacts.

No wonder the established historians who flourished under the British Raj are upset and resist this move.

High time that the ancient texts, references, archaeological sites and monuments were systematically dated, curated and studied for an accurate account.

Equally important is the repositioning of historical content.

It should not merely the wars and conquests of kings and leaders.

It’s high time that the pathbreakers – the spiritual icons, the cultural trendsetters and the artistic achievements – were given their equal and rightful place in history.

Cut down the bloodshed.

Bring in the spirituality and culture.

Only then, history will not bunk.

Our or Their History?

If you are not happy to know your past through your past masters, then respond with what you think needs to be researched and revised.



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