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Excellent LAMDA Exam Results By
Haimi Shah And Mohamed Amersi

Coastweek-- The annual LAMDA exams (The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art) usually take place in June, but last year due to the travel ban, the exams were postponed until November.

Unfortunately, this meant that many students had to cancel their exams as they had already moved to England for further studies.

However, an amazing total of 292 students were still entered for their exams !

The London based examiner, Mrs. Evadne Fisher, was full of praise for all the candidates and complimented their teacher, Mrs. Jean Hughes for the excellent standard of the work presented.

The results were amazing with two students receiving the maximum of 100 per cent !

The first was Haimi Shah from the Aga Khan Academy at Entry Level Verse and Prose and Mohamed Amersi from Jaffery Academy at Speaking in Public Grade 2.

This year the marks were very high with 181 Distinctions of which 41 were over 90 per cent.

Congratulations must go to the Aga Khan students for their excellent achievements, especially the Public Speakers who have gained Distinctions at all their Medal Exams.

They are Fatema Hassanali, Mehdi Khaki and Sibi Chandrasekar.

The students also performed well in the acting exams with Aika Patel gaining 84 per cent at Gold Medal and Amreen Iqbal receiving an amazing 94 per cent at Silver Medal.

Other excellent results were gained by Azmat Amarshi 96 per cent, Alyssa Jamal 93 per cent, Diya Khataw 92 per cent, Saloni Patel 96 per cent, Alimohamed Jaffer 91 per cent, Riva Karia 96 per cent, Alisha Varia 90 per cent and Biko Mwalagho 90 per cent, Rhea Hirani 90 per cent and Simran Khataw 90 per cent all at Bronze Medal.

Jaffery Academy always performs very well in the LAMDA exams and this year was no exception.

The most pleasing result was gained by Burhanuddin Yamani who passed his Gold Medal acting exam with 90 per cent.

Imran Nasser passed his Entry exam with 90 per cent and Arshman Sajid 98 per cent Spoken English Grade 2.

A special mention must go to Faizaan Firoz who did really well in his Miming exam gaining 88 per cent Distinction.

The Mombasa Academy also performed well.

Kayla Jetha gained 94per cent at Entry Level and Msaa Mugavana 96per cent at Grade 2.

The highest acting mark in Mombasa was awarded to the very talented Sahil Varia who gained 97 per cent at Silver Medal and was praised by the examiner as being one of the most talented actors she has ever examined !

Another excellent result was awarded to Koima Langat who gained 94 per cent at Gold Medal Speaking in Public.

Oshwal Academy students were also very successful.

The highest marks of 98 per cent were gained by Kamran Sheikh at Grade 4 and Veer Shah at Entry Grade, Other high achievers were Deeya Shah, Arianah Lalji, Vatsal Shah, Manav Devani, Tanay Malde, Kreeshi Shavdia, Keshni Shah, Uzma Sheikh, Shiven Bechra, Alisha Doshi and Keshni Majithia.

Excellent results were gained in the Medal exams with Meer V Shah gaining 93 per cent for Bronze Medal and Sonia Radia 88per cent Distinction for Gold Medal Public Speaking.

Braeburn Mombasa Internat-ional School performed brilliantly with young Leyana Ladha gaining 98 per cent at Entry Level.

Cristian Basta received 96 per cent at Grade One.

Natasha Berkley and Bert Nokes did well in their acting exam gaining 90 per cent and 92 per cent respectively.

The MSB, Tiny Tots, Aga Khan Nursery School, Shree and Kivokoni students all did very well especially as many were taking an exam for the first time.

A special mention must go to the 4 dedicated MSB teachers who all passed their Bronze Medal Public Speaking Exams.

They are Tasneem Jivanji, Farida Mussaji, Amena Ganiwalla and Tasneem Karachiwalla.

The examiner commended these teachers for their excellent speeches and for their interest in perfecting their command of the English language. Well done!

Overall, the examiner was absolutely thrilled with the consistently high standard of work and thoroughly enjoyed her 14 days in Mombasa.

She congratulated the Drama Development Coast students and encouraged them all to keep working hard and complimented Jean Hughes for sustaining the very high standards expected by LAMDA.



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