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Kenyans consider Rolex, Sauti Sol, Beyoncé
and Arsenal F.C. to be best quality

Zurich, Nairobi -- If an average Kenyan had an unlimited amount of money at their disposal and made decisions based exclusively on quality when buying, he would wear a Rolex, listen to Sauti Sol or Beyoncé and would most like to watch a football match with Arsenal F.C.

These are the results of the first Kenyan QUDAL - QUality meDAL - DEEPMA Research conducted in June this year by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH with its headquarters in Zurich by means of an online survey on a sample of 1,200 citizens of Kenya, internet users 15 years and older.

The entire QUDAL Research in Kenya encompassed more than sixty commercial and non-commercial categories (e.g. best quality milk, best quality car, best quality domestic singer etc.). The first results of this complex research have now been processed and are available for analysis.

Each QUDAL –QUality meDAL accolade is the consumer’s voice, and the intent is to create a culture in which manufacturers and service providers will strive to provide maximum quality, with consumers demanding only the best.

Focus on Quality

When the QUDAL - QUality meDAL Research was conducted, Kenyans were asked what goods would they buy and what products would they use if money wasn’t a factor in their decision-making process, but the quality of the product alone.

QUDAL - QUality meDAL research therefore gives a completely new picture of Kenya and the Kenyan market revealing what Kenyan citizens think of products available on the market, and their perception of that value.

QUDAL market research does not measure market share or sales nor brand power, but focuses exclusively on consumers’ experiences and opinions as to the level of quality they are receiving for their money spent, with recognition being awarded in many product categories in the home country.

The way the Kenyans think when they have top quality in mind is perhaps best illustrated by the QUDAL - Quality DEEPMA Research category - “Kenyan symbol of quality”.

The citizens of Kenya in the QUDAL survey were asked the following question concerning this category: “Specify the name of the company, product, or service that you find to be the best example and symbol of the HIGHEST LEVEL OF QUALITY, when it comes to products and services in the Kenyan market:”

The majority of the surveyed responded to this question with - “Safaricom”.

In the category of the best musical performer or singer, the first place went to - “Jaguar”. The sprinter Bolt has taken place no. 1 as theabsolutely best sportsman in the opinion of the Kenyan citizens, while Arsenal F.C. is the best sports club in the world (regardless of which sport).

When it comes to the quality of persons, projects, organisations etc., the examinees in the Kenyan QUDAL Research placed David Rudisha in the top position in the category of best sportsman/sportswoman in Kenya and the football club Gor Mahia in the category of best Kenyan sports club (regardless of which sport).

For best quality Kenyan music group, the majority of the Kenyan examinees in the QUDAL Research nominated Sauti Sol, while Jaguar won in the in the category of best singer in Kenya.

In the commercial categories of the QUDAL Research, Kenyan citizens nominated the following as the absolute highest quality producers: Brookside (Category: Milk); Nescafé (Category: Instant coffee); Delmonte (Category: Fruit juice); Keringet (Category: Still mineral water); Fair and Lovely (Category: Facial cream); Rolex (Wristwatch); Nike (Sports footwear); Equity (Bank); Britam (Insurance company), Visa (Credit card) etc.

Methodology and sample

The QUDAL - QUality meDAL – Kenya  2014/2015 Research ( was conducted by the Swiss organization ICERTIAS - International Certification Association GmbH ( on the territory of the Republic of Kenya during June 2014, by means of an online survey and the CAWI - DEEPMA method (Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Deep Mind Awareness).  

1.200 citizens of Kenya who were 15 and older were interviewed, using the Internet participated in the research.

The survey encompassed the entire territory of Kenya.



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