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Coastweek-- [LEFT] A Cheetah Cub picking up the canvas bag which was discarded in the park. [RIGHT] Cheetah Cub gets tangled in the canvas bag while trying to free herself.
Littering In The Park: Cheetah Cub Chokes On Canvas Bag !

Coastweek-- On a recent trip to Tsavo East, what seemed like a perfectly rewarding day photographing a Cheetah and her Cub that I have been monitoring for 6 months now (Malkia and Binti) almost turned into tragedy for this beautiful endangered animal.

Despite there being several notices at the park gates and regular articles highlighting the dangers of throwing rubbish in the park, some people still ignorantly throw out the trash without realizing the deadly consequences it has to wildlife.

So for those of you who are guilty of this behavior, thinking it is ok to do so because “its only a bottle cap or just a plastic bag”, this story is for you !

The Cheetah Cub found a discarded canvas bag hidden in the grass while walking with mom and curiously picked it up.

Excited with its new find, the bag quickly became a play toy and after having its share of fun for about ten minutes, when the time came to move on and let go of the bag, the strings became caught in its teeth.

In a desperate attempt to shake the bag loose, the canvas bag got tangled around the cubs throat turning the situation critical.

After vigorously shaking to free itself, the cub luckily managed to get loose from the bags deadly grip. After Malkia and Binti walked away, I later went to collect the canvas bag to prevent further incidents.

Coastweek-- KWS Honorary Warden and Wildlife Photographer goes to pick up the deadly canvas bag after the Cheetah Cub and mom move away.

Ladies and Gentlemen, beca-use of someones recklessness with rubbish, a mother would have lost a daughter, the world would have lost an endangered species and Kenya would have lost its heritage.

Kindly Stop Littering The Park, carry a rubbish bag in your vehicle and educate your friends and children on the risks of littering.

Shazaad Kasmani, Kenya Wildlife Service Honorary Game Warden and Wildlife Photographer.

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