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Four Tanzanian Ministers Forced To Resign
For Mishandling Anti-poaching Operation

DODOMA, Tanzania, (Xinhua) -- Four Tanzanian ministers on Friday evening were forced to resign from their posts for mishandling anti-poaching operation dubbed "operation Tokomeza" which was held in October this year across the country.

Among them include Natural Resources and Tourism Minister Khamis Kagasheki, who voluntarily announced to resign before the Tanzanian National Assembly, sitting in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania.

Other ministers include Minister of Home Affairs Emmanuel Nchimbi, Minister of Defense and National Service Shamsi Vuai Nahodha and Minister of Livestock and Fisheries Development David Mathayo.

Through Prime Minister Mizengo Pinda, President Jakaya Kikwete forced the other three ministers to step down from their posts, citing pressure from a cross section of MPs who accused them of mishandling the operation, which claimed 19 lives of Tanzanians and high-level of human rights' abuse during the operation.

The four ministers were succumbed to resignation's pressure following a report tabled in the House by a special committee formed by the parliament to investigate implementation of the anti- poaching operation held across the country in October.

The report revealed horrendous acts, such as raping, theft and many others that resulted into deaths to innocent civilians, mostly pastoralists.
Earlier, MPs had called on Prime Minister Pinda to resign for failure to take appropriate measure against four ministers.

The report by the Parliamentary standing committee on Land, Natural Resources and Environment under the chairmanship James Lembeli tabled his report alongside a special investigative report that reveals the bad outcome of the performance of the operation earlier ordered to be carried out in the country by President Jakaya Kikwete.

The committee suggested 10 measures that need to be taken to address the situation including all public officials who involved in killing innocent civilians on the pretext of anti-poaching operation. In the operation the Tanzanian government deployed soldiers of the Tanzania People's Defense Forces (TPDF), Tanzania Police Force and other security organs.

The operation was meant to arrest all people who are involved in poaching, which threatens Tanzania's wildlife sector and tourism. It is estimated that every day Tanzania loses three jumbos in its national parks and game reserves due to poaching.

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