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Coastweek-- Aerial view of new berth No.19 in the foreground.

Kenya Ports Authority Celebrate
The Birth Of Berth Number 19

Coastweek-- Kenya Ports Authority has celebrated a major Milestone, with the birth of berth No 19, creating an additional capacity to the busy Mombasa Container Terminal.

Constructed on reclaimed sea space using material extracted deep from the sea is one feature that makes the new berth unique. The Engineers literally pushed back the sea to create land to construct the 240 meter long berth.

The new berth brings to 840 meters, total quay length of the Container Terminal enabling three Panamax vessels of up to 250 meter length each to berth at any given moment.

Constructed at an estimated cost of U.S. $ 66.7 Million, berth No.19 has an additional stacking yard of 15 acres providing a further annual capacity of 250,000 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) per annum.

Container traffic through the port of Mombasa recorded 903,463 TEUs in 2012 as compared to 9,093 TEUs only in 1978.

Although originally designed to handle 250,000 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs), the capacity is now saturated, with most of the excesses being handled by the privately owned Cargo Freight stations and the created extra space adjacent to the Terminal.

A K.P.A. spokesman ex-plained: "According to our civil engineering Experts, the new berth is said to be the only one on the eastern seaboard that has been constructed on reclaimed sea space using material extracted deep from under the sea."

The construction of Berth NO.19 was initially proposed as an extension of Berth No. 18 to provide an increased berthing capacity and facilitate much needed repair works of berth 16-18.

Repair works required that parts of the berth are withdrawn from service.

Construction was launched in July 2011 and completed on March 2013.

The Berth was operationalised in April 2013.

The superstructures are of filigree concrete slabs sup-ported by open ended piled structure.

The new berth has 5 Reefer bays with a total No. of 120 reefer points and is lit by nine monopole flood light towers which enable 24/7 safe operations.



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