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  July 05 - 11, 2013


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The Unique Essence Of The
'Holy Month Of Ramadhan'

test of tolerance, abstinence and acquiescence of a believer

Coastweek-- Ramadhan; The month revered by Muslims the world over as shrouded with divine affiliations and suffice connotations.

It is the month that the final and complete book of guidance to mankind, the holy Qur’an was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

This integral pillar of Islam entails all able muslims to abstain from food, drink and permissible pleasures in pursuit of spiritual contentment.

A canon test of tolerance, abstinence and acquiescence of a believer to adulate his Creator.

The onset of Ramadhan invigorates the faithful to humbly embrace the modest traditions of prayer and dedication towards blissful living.

Subsequently, an aura of exhilaration and islamic mantra manifests ubiquitously throughout the thirty day fasting period.

Hearts fill with forbearance, humility and compassion towards the famished and less fortunate members of the society.

We share and distillate their anguish of toiling all day on empty stomachs.

Charity becomes the norm during the day and nocturnal prayers (taraweh) initiated dutifully.Alas! Such is the devotion and moral of fasting that induces our contemplation of the despondency of the poor.

‘Iftar’ is the meal taken on breaking of the fast at sundown.

Families gather to express gratitude to Allah for enabling them to fulfill the tenets of Ramadhan. Indeed, this is an eventful month that is unique and quintessential to a muslim’s sanctified transformation of mind, body and soul.

Fahmi Basalim, Mombasa.



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