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May 31 - June 06, 2013


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Coastweek-- Girls front row [from left] Farhana Jiwa; Salina Kassam; Keshni Haria; Livia Clandorf; Sasha Mawji; Aparna Sreekumar; Qwanza Dave; Amira Sihag; Shamya Jaffer. Second row [from left] Stephanie Mbugua; Mishi Kibue; Hanifa Said; Aarfa Hirani; Stephanie Mpungu; Devina Morjaria; Fatema Somji; Nabachwa Nsibambi; Ulfat Faraji. Third row [from left] Alifa Bhalloo; Mildred Okello; Esther Okello; Jessica Macharia; Harshita Mullick; Grace Wasike; Julia Soares; Ziana Mitha. PHOTOS COURTESY - FAISEL E KARMALI


Top Marks From The Aga
Khan Academy Mombasa


Coastweek-- This year’s ceremony saw 66 students graduating from The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa with the IB Diploma, an increase on 30 from last year’s class of 36.

This was a very joyful and inspiring occasion for the Academy as it celebrated the achievements of the students so far and send them out to build on their academic success and become both successful and ethical members of the wider world community.

This year was particularly special as it marks the 10th anniversary of the Academy which opened its doors in August 2003.

It was a very full house with proud parents, relatives and friends, faculty, and distinguish-ed guests who came to congratulate the students – 40 boys and 26 girls – who will now go on to tertiary study.

The students have won over US$500,000 in scholarships to universities, and they are going to places as far afield as Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, and Singapore as well as universities closer at hand in Africa.

Mr Simon Otieno, Acting Head of Academy urged the students not to shy away from dreaming big dreams, citing the massive 10,000 tasks it took to successfully put the first man on the moon and Martin Luther King’s seminal speech: I have a Dream.

Closer to home, he also spoke about Vision 2030; of Kenya as a middle income country prospering in a clean and secure environment.

Coastweek-- George Adede receives the Award of Excellence from the Guest Speaker, Serena Hotels Group Managing Director Mahmud JanMohamed. The Award of excellence is given to the top overall male and female over the diploma years in their contribution to academics and student life, and those that best exemplify the AKAM learner profile.

Coastweek-- Farhana Jiwa receives the Award of Excellence from the Guest Speaker, Mahmud JanMohamed, Serena Hotels Group Managing Director. 

All these were big dreams and he encouraged the students to dream with determination, in all colours and all languages; nothing is achieved without dreams and aspirations.

The Guest speaker at the Graduation was Mr Mahmud JanMohamed, Serena Hotels Group Managing Director.

He had had the benefit of spending some time at the Academy the previous day and was therefore confident that the graduates’ future in the world outside will be secure if they continue in the same vein as he had already seen demonstrated.

He had some words of wisdom for parents as well, encouraging them to realize that the nature of their relationship with their children is about to change as they enter a new phase in their lives.

He reminded all those present that the world no longer wants compliant cogs but rather passionate individuals who carve out their own paths.

He echoed the theme of Mr Otieno’s address and urged them to dream on what might be – it is not enough to just get by in life.

Several speakers emphasized the need to continue to serve our communities, which is something that the graduands are already well familiar with.

It was noted that while it is a requirement of the IB Diploma that at least 50 hours are spent in community service, at least one of the graduating students has devoted more than 1000 hours.

Mr Salim Bhatia, the Head of the Academies Unit, remarked that in a survey of Canadian students, those who are alumni of the Academy referred not just to their particular career choices but also that they wanted their career to positively impact on the community – a legacy of any student’s time at the Academy is a desire for positive social change.

On behalf of the graduation class, Rahim Daya addressed his fellow graduands and the audience at large.

He touched on the diversity of the students’ backgrounds when he said: “…not only are there students from as far afield as Europe, the Middle East and America, but among our number we have the first students to make the transition from MYP to DP at the Academy, together with students from IGCSE, KCSE and AP curriculums.

“The diversity present in our class gave us the opportunity to feed off one another positively, to motivate, help and challenge one another, ensuring the continued academic excellence that is the pinnacle of the Academies programme.

“Of course the direction from our teachers was invaluable in guiding us to the academic goals we set for ourselves.

“Their love for education and their determination for us to succeed has seen us attain consistently high grades and develop a passion for learning throughout our two years and beyond.”

The whole ceremony was encircled by music – from the award-winning Academy choir, who provided some pre-ceremony songs and also delivered a joyful recessional, to the Faculty choir’s offering which again emphasised the diversity of backgrounds from which the students come and the diversity of countries to which they will now go, by thanking them in many different languages for their endeavours and wishing them well for the future.

There were also two performances by other student groups – the Academy orchestra which is steadily growing in stature, which performed Tchaikovsky’s Mother Ginger from The Nutcracker, and, in a wonderful study in contrasts, a group of First-Year Diploma Students who performed an energetic Maori Waiata from New Zealand, Tarakihi, as a tribute and challenge to the graduands.

The Aga Khan Academy Mombasa aspires to nurture students who are inquirers, thinkers, good communicators and knowledgeable.

It is proud to be sending out 66 graduates into the wider community – expect to hear of them in the future.



Coastweek-- Boys front row [from left] Emmanuel Ombwayo; Johnston Kirimo; Rayyaan Kurji; Karan Malde; Danish Dhamani; Sadiq Shamji. Second row [from left] Jamal Abdulhamid; Daryl Howai; Sadruddin Hashmani; Adams Galgalo; Ali Amersi; Rahim Daya; Sheehan Velani; Sohail Shariff; Jamil Abdulhamid. Third row [from left] Shaqeel Jiwa; William Karago; Alfred Muttimos; Alim Alarakhia; Oamar Kanji; George Pekeshe; Alykhan Sumar; Soham Shah; Abbas Palkhi; Edwin Nyandieka. Back row [from left] George Adede; Solitei Tutui; Farhaz Ahmed; Idris Dungarwalla; Riaz Abdulla; Naman Yagnik; Lous Curry; Ian Mung’aro; Caleb Munyasya; Farzeen Wilson; Inayat Karmali; Bryan Matiba; Malek-Ul-Ashter Sheikh. Absent: Barry Akeng’a; Mayur Dave. PHOTO COURTESY OF FAISEL E KARMALI


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