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April 19 - 25, 2013


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.Lucas Mungania hopes for better prospects with new government

OUR HOPE is that the president will fulfill his campaign pledges on reviving the economy to expand job opportunities for the youth

By Christine Lagat and Chrispinus Omar NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Lucas Mungania, a 35 year old Kenya’s shop owner woke up at dawn on Tuesday to undertake minor chores before setting off to Kasarani Stadium where the swearing- in ceremony for President elect, Uhuru Kenyatta took place.

Early morning breeze and occasional showers could not deter the youthful entrepreneur from trekking a distance of seven kilometers to witness history unfolds in his motherland.

I decided to take a break from my day’s job to join other Kenyans in witnessing this important occasion. Most of my friends and family members took a break from their busy schedule to attend the inauguration of our new president,” Mungania told Xinhua on Nairobi’s busy superhighway.

He was among an ecstatic crowd that waved Kenyan flags as they trooped back home after witnessing the swearing in of the new president and his deputy.

Mungania and his comrades had radiant faces having participated in a historical occasion when Kenyatta took the reins of power in the east Africa’s largest economy amid pomp and color.

I have watched several presidential inaugurations but this one was quite momentous. This is a clear indication that the future is bright and we hope the new president and his team will not betray us,” said Mungania.

Kenya earned a place in history after conducting peaceful elections in March to install a new president, his deputy and representatives for the national assembly and county governments.

The new Kenyan president will not only usher in a new transition, but also restyle the east African nation to make it a significant player in regional and global affairs.

To ordinary Kenyans like Mungania, the hour of reckoning arrived on Tuesday when the 51-year-old Kenyatta took oath of office and pledged to serve the nation, heal its fractious politics and rejuvenate the economy.

My wish is that the president will fulfill his campaign pledges on reviving the economy to expand job opportunities for the youth. As a small scale trader in a poorer suburb of Nairobi, I have witnessed the ugly side of joblessness like crime, alcoholism and drug addiction,” said Mungania.

He operates a shop in Umoja one estate, a low income district east of Nairobi. The sea of humanity that thronged Kasarani stadium to witness the inauguration of a new president illustrated the depth of hope for a better future among Kenyans, least of all the country’s youth.

Kenyans from all walks of life who spoke to Xinhua on Tuesday agreed that Kenya is on the path of a new renaissance as a new government hit the ground running to implement a raft of policies to transform the country.

During the campaigns, the Jubilee Alliance headed by the new president launched an ambitious manifesto detailing how they intend to transform Kenya’s economic, social and political pillars.

Mine will be a listening and pro active government that will serve all Kenyans irrespective of creed, political affiliation, color and gender. The Jubilee government will be inclusive and responsive to the needs and aspirations of the common citizen,” Kenyatta promised during the campaigns

Having won with a wide margin, it is appropriate to say the new president enjoys overwhelming mandate from Kenyans to offer a refreshing leadership that the country requires at this critical juncture in our history,” said a political analyst, Charles Kanjama.

Similar comments were echoed by Annabel Waititu, a grassroots women leader who remarked that the new president has an urgent task of fulfilling campaign pledges especially in areas of national cohesion, economic growth and empowerment of disadvantaged groups.

The president promised that his government will empower women, youths and the disabled through policy and financial incentives. We are watching to see if he will keep his word,” said Waititu.

Elderly Kenyans who have a firm grasp of the country’s history since independence from British colonialists were upbeat that their offspring will reap from a new renaissance as young and energetic leadership take up the reins of power.

This is a memorable occasion in the country when the youngest president since independence takes over. Let us hope the new president and his team will offer a fresh vision for the country,” said a 65-year-old pensioner, Job Muriithi.


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