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April 19 - 24, 2013


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Coastweek-- Young Ostrich surveying all corners of the Tsavo.  PHOTO - SHAZAAD KASMANI


Friends Of Tsavo Conduct
Important Wildlife Census

The Mombasa based conservation organisation has
been very proactive in the conservation of the Tsavo
East, Tsavo West and also the Taita Hills ecosystem

Coastweek-- The Friends of Tsavo which is is a registered Charitable Trust founded in 1998 is going to conduct an important Wildlife Census on June 1, 2013 in The Tsavo area and invites Coastweek readers to be part of this important event.

The Mombasa based conservation organisation which for a number of years has been very proactive in the conservation of the Tsavo East, Tsavo West and also Taita Hills ecosystem has been responsible for many eco friendly initiatives which include Tree Planting, Park Cleanups, Anti-Poaching and Anti- Bushmeat Campaigns and Community Development Programs among many others.

Friends of Tsavo is also looking for individual and corporate members who have a passion for wildlife conservation and who are ready to actively participate first hand in the various projects lined up during the course of the year.

To become a member and get a chance to participate in the wildlife census among other exciting projects; you can reach the Trust on info@friendsoftsavo.org or contact myself on shazaad.kasmani@gmail.com

Additional information on the trust can also be found on their website www.friendsoftsavo.org

Shazaad Kasmani, Wildlife Photographer Mombasa and Kenya Wildlife Service Honorary Warden.


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