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April 19 - 25, 2013


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.Thirty Four Years Ago

Coastweek, April 20 - 26, 1979:

Coastweek -- Kikamabal veterinarian Zahoor Kashmiri was to lead an international ‘Charity Rowing Team’ including John Grunwald, Berni Streit, Mike Povey and Jorgen Christensen, who would raise funds for Bahari Jaycees by sculling their way from Kikambala to the Mombasa Rowing Club premises at Liwatoni.

Kenya Advertising Corporation chairman M. K. Mwendwa hosted a party at the ‘Kenya Beach Hotel’ with co-director J. A. R. Jenkinson.

Guests included industrialist Mayur Madhvani, BOS Shipping executive M. A. Bhaloo, and both S. T. and M. F. Mamujee of Mamujee Brothers.

Travel writer Peter Ngunjiri sailed to Kisitie and Mpunguti Islands on a new ‘Tourist Dhow’ introduced by Thorntree Safari’s managing director Denis Lakin.

Husky and handsome Juma Mrajah was to play the part of Rev. Stephen Kumalo in director Patrick Obath’s forthcoming Little Theatre production of ‘Cry, The Beloved Country’.

Sharad N. Mehta took over from Satish Chowdhry as chairman of the Mombasa Saturday Club.  HotelPlan president Arno Bertozzi of Switzerland was on holiday at the Kenya South Coast.



Coastweek -- CHOX Cinema was screening Reena Roy and Kiran Kumar in “Jangal Mein Mangal’ (Mystery In The Forest).’

Gurmukh Singh Pandhal and Amrik Singh Heer announced completion of a 22-bed extension to their ‘New Palm Tree Hotel’ in Mombasa town centre.

Mombasa Sports Club’s Ted Kimani contributed a heartfelt ‘SportsView’ suggesting that ‘Rugby At The Coast Need Not Always Remain In The Doldrums”: What was needed was much more practise, player selection by committee, no cancellation of fixtures, and less talk more action !

Coast entrants Mike Kirkland and Dave Haworth in their Datsun 160 J were placed a very commendable seventh overall in the Easter weekend ‘Safari Rally’ .

Other finishers included Johnny Hellier of Malindi and Kanti Shah, Frank Tundo and Mombasa’s John Hope, and the African Safari Club teams of Roland Ruedin and Aslam Khan, and Hans Peter Ruedin and Eckhart Ender (hard-driving ASC team sponsor Karl Ruedin had reluctantly retired midway on doctor’s advice.)

KENYA Cinema was still showing Christopher Reeve, Marlon Brando and Gene Hackmann in the blockbuster ‘Superman - You’ll Believe a Man Can Fly’ , REGAL screened George Kennedy and John Mills in ‘The Human Factor’, NAAZ scared its audience with the horror epic ‘Damien - Omen II’, while at CHOX it was Reena Roy and Kiran Kumar in “Jangal Mein Mangal’ (Mystery In The Forest).

Letter writers included David Wately of Malindi, Mike Otieno in Ukunda, Rajan S. Patel of Ganjoni, M. Athuman Ali and Mohammed O. Abubakar of Lamu, and Mrs A. P. Denise of Mombasa.

Hunter, pilot, photographic safari guide, accomplished actor and fluent in six languages the late Myles Burton of Malindi had a host of friends according to a warm appreciation by ‘JMC’ who recalled that a tragic aircraft accident at Nairobi’s Wilson airport had taken ‘a man with an appetite for life’.

Thought for the Week - You can spoil your enjoyment of the finest mountain view by thinking in terms of the mechanics of the retina and the optic nerve - C. S. LEWIS.


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