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April 19 - 25, 2013


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Slightly Better Demand At
East African Tea Export Auctions

AUCTION NO 15 - 15TH & 16TH APRIL, 2013

Coastweek -- There was slightly better demand for the 9,049,265 kilos (140,689 packages) coming under the hammer but prices were irregular; only 19.80% were neglected.

Brighter BP1s saw improved enquiry with better teas USC2 to 12 dearer while others shed USC20 to 26; mediums met an irregular interest varying between firm to USC14 dearer to easier by USC7 to 12.

Lower mediums were discounted by USC5 to 32 while plainer sorts were about firm to USC10 easier.

Brighter PF1s were irregular and ranged between firm to USC2 dearer to easier by USC4 to 16 while mediums saw an irregular activity and opened firm to USC5 dearer and gaining further by upto USC15 by the close but some lines lost by a similar margin at the opening.

Lower mediums were a weak feature and lost USC4 to 20 while plainer types were irregularly easier by upto USC10 but a few invoices gained upto USC6.

Brighter PDUSTs were a weak feature and declined by USC12 to 25 with mediums heavily discounted by USC10 to 34 and more although a few clean improved invoices were upto USC4 above last levels.

Lower mediums eased by upto USC10 with some lines unsold while plainer descriptions were USC4 to 12 below last prices with poorest ignored.

Brighter DUST1s were irregular varying between USC7 to 10 dearer to easier by a similar margin while mediums ranged between firm to USC2 dearer to easier by USC6 to 16; lower mediums shed USC6 to 10.

Plainer DUST1s were irregular varying between USC10 dearer to easier by similar margins.

In the secondary catalogues BPs were firm while PFs irregularly held value.

Clean well sorted coloury Fannings appreciated while similar Dusts were irregularly dearer.

Other Fannings were dearer while Dusts gained.

BMFs were well absorbed.

Yemen and other Middle Eastern countries showed strong support and there was more activity from Pakistan Packers, Afghanistan, Bazaar, Kazakshtan(CIS), Sudan and Russia.

UK was less active and continued selective while Iran re-entered the market.

Somalia continued active.


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