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April 19 - 24, 2013


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New Therapy Equipment At
Sapling Trust Foundation

The centre’s primary focus and object is to nurture
and add value to the lives of special needs children

Coastweek-- Sapling Trust Foundation’s all-embracing learning and therapy centre for special needs children which is situated off Links Road, Nyali received a generous donation from Safaricom Foundation to purchase three important sets of equipment.

It is worthy to note that Sapling Trust Foundation is one of the very few therapy centres in Kenya to have such specialized equipment.

The centre now has a pulley and cable columns which is important for co-ordination, balance and strengthening of muscles.

It has the Vestibulator II which is a modified swing system that is used to provide Sensory Integration Therapy; this is used on people with vestibular, neurodevelopmental and sensory modulation disorders.

The centre also purchased a specialized trampoline which is used for bouncing and helps children with Sensory Modulation Disorders such as autism spectrum disorders, to receive the required sensation on the joints, especially the knee joints, so that they are able to walk without stumping their feet. Winnie Gitiha, one of the trustees of the centre said, “This is a welcome addition to the existing equipment in our therapy division.

Coastweek-- A modified swing system that is used to provide Sensory Integration Therapy.

“The therapists and parents have already noted how the new equipment is making a remarkable impact on the children. We are extremely grateful to Safaricom Foundation.”

The centre’s primary focus and object is to care for, nuture and add value to the lives of special needs children by providing each child with a learning programme tailor-made to the child’s ability and providing a vast range of therapies to assist the child’s physique, growth, development skills, motor skills, speech and overall well-being.

Safaricom Foundation’s officers visited the centre some months back and were impressed with the centre’s facilities and high standards and have pledged to continue to support the centre.

The centre also provides its facilities to special needs children whose parents cannot afford to pay for the facilities. In such cases the trustees endeavour to look for sponsors.

The trustees strongly believe that each special needs child has a right to receive education, good quality therapy and care irrespective of their family’s financial background; otherwise their condition would gradually deteriorate.

Sapling Trust Foundation is managed by five trustees, namely Mr Peter Mburu, Mrs. Winnie Gitiha, Mr. Iqbal Natha, Mrs. Sabrina Natha and Mrs. Mona Doshi.

The Foundation was set up in 2010 and has qualified teachers and therapists.

The therapy centre is also open to all members of public requiring physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

Well-wishers are invited to the centre by way of prior appointment: please contact Mrs Winnie Gitiha Tel: 0720 898962 or Mrs Sabrina Natha Tel: 0722 713430 or email: saplingfoundation@yahoo.com


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