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April 19 - 24, 2013


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Ukraine Qualified Doctors
Now Coming To Mombasa

a combined Medical and / or surgical approach to weight
loss proven to give better results in all types of obesity

Coastweek -- Ukraine qualified Doctors, Dr. and Mrs. Chtchoukin , practising for the last 20 years in different parts of Kenya, are now coming to Mombasa on a regular basis at the Tayabi Medical Centre, next to Nyali Cinemax.

They use a combined Medical and / or surgical approach to weight loss proven to give better results in all types of obesity.

Obesity has reached epidemic proportions worldwide and affects 20 per cent of the Kenya population. Overweight is one of the main causes of Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, etc.

Mr. Chtchoukin is a general surgeon who specialises in Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery).

He is also an expert in spine manipulation for acute and chronic back pain.

He does this chiropractor like treatment after inserting special medical injections into the spine.

There are four types of weight loss surgeries:

• Gastric balloon - silicon filled balloon is inserted through the Endoscope into the stomach.

This is removed after 3 to 6 months.

It is a day case operation which doesn’t require any cuts or stitching.

• Gastric Band - this is inserted through a laproscope [keyhole surgery].

The band is put around the stomach and adjusted through a port on the skin every month depending on the response of the patient.

• Gastric sleeve - part of the stomach is removed and clips inserted.

• Gastric bypass - there are many variations. The intestinal plumbing is done in such a way that food bypasses part or whole of the stomach.

The type of surgery selected depends according to  Patients weight, BMI, Complications of obesity, Comorbidities, Age, General medical condition.

Mrs. Shchukin is a Family doctor who specialises in medical weight loss.

This program includes 12 sessions on diet, psychotherapy, etc over a period of 3 to 6 months.

She gives out special CD which a patient can follow on a daily basis. This medical treatment can be combined with the surgical options.

She also specialises in Oral Intestinal Irrigation for detoxification. They hold monthly consultation sessions at the Tayabi Medical Centre, which is located next to the Nyali Cinemax.

For appointments contact: 041 4473991 or 0733 410472


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