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April 19 - 25, 2013


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M.S.F. calls for speedy efforts
in helping Coast floods victims

Nearly 7.000 residents of Tana Delta region
who have been displaced by the recent floods
do not have access to proper healthcare


NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- The international medical charity, Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) on Friday called for concerted efforts in assisting the people who have been displaced or rendered homeless after weeks of flooding in Tana Delta, coastal region.

In a statement issued in Nairobi, MSF said the people of Tana Delta region where over 200 people were killed and 5,000 others displaced last year due to tribal fighting, are still in urgent need of food, shelter, access to clean drinking water and medical services.

"MSF is calling for more concerted efforts to provide food and other basic items to the thousands of people displaced by floods in the area," the medical charity said in the statement.

Nearly 7,000 residents of Tana Delta region who have been displaced by the recent floods do not have access to proper healthcare.

Existing facilities are experiencing drug shortages and a lack of staff; some people have been cut off completely as the water levels continue to rise.

The most affected regions by heavy rains are in Western Kenya, Coastal region and parts of Rift Valley where heavy rains have washed away bridges and rendered many roads impassable, making difficult efforts to reach thousands of people made homeless by the flooding.

MSF has been working in Kenya since 1987.

It is providing medical care and non-medical supplies to the displaced in the Tana Delta region since the onset of the floods.

"As many people were unable to bring supplies with them when they moved to higher ground, MSF teams have distributed kits of non-food items to over 900 families in internally displaced persons (IDP) camps," MSF said.

The medical charity said these kits include mosquito nets and plastic sheeting for shelter.

However, there is an urgent need for food supplies as many people have seen their crops destroyed and their livestock drown.

"I left Chewele a week and a half ago after losing all my things in the floods.

"At least I managed to move with all my five children thanks to the efforts of my community.

"All our goats and other cattle drowned.

"Now I’m here and have received utensils, but there is nothing to cook," said 36-year-old Riziki Juma from Chewele, now living in Molokani camp.

Heavy rains that started three weeks ago led to the Tana River bursting its banks and causing floods all over the area.

The quality of water is poor due to the floods and latrines have collapsed. MSF is helping the local community in Bura and Garsen areas and in Dalango and Molokani IDP camps to build new latrines.

MSF teams are also providing basic water and sanitation services like water treatment with purification tablets.

Four die in house collapse in
Burundi’s Kirundo province

BUJUMBURA (Xinhua) -- Four people of one family died while two others were seriously injured after their house collapsed on them during torrential rains that hit a village on Tuesday night in Burundi, local administrator said on Wednesday.

"Torrential rains hit several villages of the commune of Ntega around 21:00 (19:00 GMT).

"But Kigaga was the worst hit with a house completely destroyed which was hosting six persons.

Four of them – a man, his wife and two of their children died – while two other children were seriously injured," said Ntega Administrator Marin Hitimana.

Hitimana said the injured children were evacuated to Ntega health center where they are receiving medical care.

He said the victims were sleeping when the house collapsed on them.

The administrator of Ntega indicated that during the last two weeks, rains that have been hitting the commune of Ntega have destroyed at least 10 houses and four schools in that commune.

Hitimana called on charity organizations to assist the victims and called for solidarity amongst residents of Ntega.



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