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January 25 - 31, 2013


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Coastweek-- Karishma Bhagani [left] presenting one of the water filters to a senior member of the Mtopange Village community.


Student’s ‘Drops Of Water’
Project Benefits Villagers

Karishma Baghani's water purifier proven by the
Coast Water Service Board as sanitary and safe 

Coastweek-- Karishma Baghani a student at the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa has decided to put her words into action, writes RIA DEVANI.

On the 19 of January 2013 a community in Mtopange Village was blessed with Karishma’s water purifier; she had been working on the project which is part of her school curriculum for about eleven months.

The name justification came about, says Karishma “three places in the world are hugely affected by water scarcity:

Africa hence Matone in Swahili (drops); Spain hence de (of) and Thailand hence Chiwit (water) ‘Drops of Water!’” The Water purifier is really easy to work; all you have to do is to pour borehole water into the upper level.

Layers of filtration process the water for final consumption.

It has been proven by the Coast Water Service Board that the water is completely sanitary and safe for human consumption.

Karishma has used all the natural resources she could get to purify water.

Karishma claims she couldn’t have done it without the help and support of her teacher, her personal project supervisor, friends and her parents.

Children and adults alike of the Mtopange community were extremely grateful for the twenty water purifiers.

One woman while trying the sample from the purifier exclaimed “Ooh tamu sana .”

The community members enjoyed the presentation thoroughly and the audience response was overwhelming as they congratulated Karishma for her epic invention.

Everyone is proud of Karishma, she is a leader with a bright future, and if we could encourage and support our children’s inventions and innovation then we can do away with water scarcity in the African continent.


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