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August 24 - 30, 2012


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Government orders probe into
murder of Aboud Rogo Mohammed

Muslim Human Rights Forum has condemned the murder
and called for speedy investigations into Rogo’s death


NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- Kenya’s chief prosecutor on Tuesday ordered police to swiftly investigate the controversial murder of terror suspect, Aboud Rogo Mohammed, who was shot dead in broad daylight the previous day.

Director of Public Prosecutions Teriako Tobiko directed Police Commissioner Mathew Iteere to expeditiously probe the killing of the Muslim cleric and submit the file within 14 days.

"I have today ordered the police to conduct thorough investigations on the murder of Aboud Rogo and bring the file to me in two weeks time," Tobiko told Xinhua by telephone in Nairobi.

Tobiko’s directive came after rioting youth hauled grenade on police officers who were dispersing them to prevent them from setting a church ablaze in Mombasa, killing one of the officers.

Tobiko has also directed the police to arrest and charge those criminal elements who on Monday stoned someone to death and killing in the Indian Ocean port city dominated by the Muslim population.

Mombasa is a major transport hub for landlocked nations in East and Central Africa. Economic analysts say prolonged unrest does not augur well for trade in the region.

The police said they have launched investigations into the killing of Rogo, who was on U.S. and UN sanction lists for allegedly supporting Al-Shabaab allied to Al-Qaida.

Some of the rioting youth have accused the police of being behind the murder of Rogo, whom the authorities have trailed for a long time.

The demonstrators said Rogo, who was facing numerous court cases related to terrorism, had been the victim of targeted assassination.

The Muslim leaders, who met in Nairobi, had earlier accused the authorities of being behind the Islamic preacher’s assassination and questioned how Rogo was shot dead in broad daylight without anyone being arrested so far.

"We condemn the way Rogo was killed, an action should be taken to whoever did the action and the truth of the matter to be brought out," Ibrahim Lethome Asman, one of the Muslim leaders told journalists in Nairobi.

Asman added that the Muslim leaders want the government to protect people and investigate assassination.

They complained that they do not know why many Muslims are being killed with no truth being unearthed on their killings, while others disappearing without any reason.

"Whatever is happening in Mombasa is not Muslim affair, Islam is against destruction of property, we don’t support whatever is happening in Mombasa," said Asman.

He pointed out that the police have not said anything so far apart from their everyday response that they will not leave any stone unturned.

The leaders appealed to all Muslims in the East African nation to remain calm and wait for investigations which have been ordered.

Early this month, Rogo and his co-accused in a case still pending in a Nairobi court Abubakar Shariff Ahmed survived an abduction attempt by gunmen they claimed were state agents, who accosted them as they arrived in the city for a hearing of the case, forcing them to seek an adjournment and a transfer of the case from Nairobi as they feared for their lives and security.

The early morning abduction was foiled by members of the public who came to their aid as the two shouted for help while resisting the heavily armed men.

Both Rogo and Shariff recorded statements about the incident at a police station Nairobi, in which they expressed fears for their lives.

The Muslim Human Rights Forum has condemned the murder and called for speedy investigations into Rogo’s death.

Regional police commander Aggrey Adoli clarified that a prison officer was killed and 13 other policemen injured in the chaos that have hit the coastal city for the past 24 hours.

Adoli told journalists in Mombasa that the police are holding 13 suspects in connection to the destruction of property and violent protests that have since left the city deserted as many with businesses have closed down fearing looting.

"It’s unfortunate that we lost the police officer in this grenade attack but we are doing everything at our disposal to restore calm in Mombasa.

The grenade attack was an organized crime but not terrorism related," Adoli told journalists.

Meanwhile, the Australian government has issued a travel warning to its nationals planning to visit Kenya and, in particular, the tourism resort city of Mombasa.

"We continue to advise Australians to exercise a high degree of caution in Kenya overall at this time due to the high risk of terrorist attack, civil unrest and high crime levels in the country," the Australian Embassy in Nairobi said in its updated advisory.

"We also continue to strongly advise Australians not to travel to border regions with Somalia, Ethiopia and South Sudan."

The East African nation’s coastal towns are the backbone of the country’s thriving tourism industry, which has been hit by the fear of terror attacks and the kidnapping of foreigners by Somali pirates from resorts near the border with Somalia.

Kenya’s tourism has suffered a decline the number of tourists arriving since September 2011 when the Somali militant group, Al- Shabaab, carried out the kidnappings of tourists in the Lamu archipelago and the kidnapping of the Spanish volunteers.

The port city, the capital Nairobi and other parts of Kenya have suffered a series of grenade attacks since Kenya sent troops into Somalia last year to try to pursue Al-Shabaab insurgents it blames for a surge in violence and kidnappings.

Police have particularly warned against the laxity in the screening of cars for explosives at all shopping malls and any business or social gatherings with at least 10 people at any given moment that these might be vulnerable to attacks.


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